Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shalot the Key Keeper

Meet Shalot the Key Keeper. She is a very shy girl and loves her keys. I have no idea where she finds them but more and more appear in her possession all the time. Sure wish she could have found my Mustang keys a while bag. Like Geico, she could have saved me a lot of money!!
She stands nearly 18" and is built over a foil and wire armature.

Color comes along

Very slowly color is finally starting to appear on the tiles. When ever I have a minute or two I pick one up and give it a coat or two. While I was working on Shalot I painted tiles as sections baked. One day it will finally be done... I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mosaic with Scrap Book Paper

This picture isn't the greatest but it gives an idea of what I was talking about in some earlier e-mails to clay friends. The canvas board, base, is covered with scrap book paper using a spray on glue. Then the tiles are applied, leaving part of the paper exposed. The slightly crooked clock hands are clay also. Sure wish I had seen the nice metal ones Michael's has in the scrap book area before hand!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joint Project and New Class

I was working away on Summer Got You mixed media class over on (Go check out Trish's sight! Lot's of cool stuff to see and explore...subliminal messaging now over) when the postman brought me a wonderful surprise. A dear friend of mine knew how much I love Where the Wild Things Are and decided to sculpt Max just for little old me. It was amazing how he fit right into the scene with her not knowing what I was working on! How cool is that?! Anyhow, the wonderful friend and artist who created Max is Pat Jones... She makes incredible teeny tiny fairies, babies and elves. There is one she did eating a cupcake that I adore!

Go here to see her work.

Anyhow...the new class over at Trish's sight is a fun summer mixed media piece. You will learn how to do all the sculpting, add foliage and work with resin. Shoot, there are even little goldfish in the water! The class starts July 18 and runs for four weeks (I think...) This is the first in a series of four seasonal mixed media classes. If you sign up before the end of June there is a fun Bonus project titles "How to Pickle a Dragon" for free! Can't beat that. Hope to see you there...well OK at least chat with you there!

To Long Gone

It has been way to long since I have left a mark here in my little corner. Somehow life keeps getting in the way. Here is a little sneak peek at a work in progress and a couple that are done. I really enjoy mosaics. They are so much like puzzles I can't help but to want to sit for ages and cut tiles then see if I can put them together. Sigh...alas that isn't what I get to do! It takes me forever to get one done. Normally I only get to cut, bake and paint tiles in between other things. So...while that crazy dragon is in the oven I cut tiles like a mad woman......ha ha ha...evil laugh...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Got a New Puppy....sort of

Poor Floyd, he is just to goofy for his own good. He can't even seem to keep his drooly tongue in his mouth. Maybe that is because he is so happy! He really likes to play with his beat up ball and chew on his bone. I think I might have to keep him...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lazy Louie...

Meet Lazy Louie...I sure envy Louie. Wish I was out laying in the sun with nothing better to do. Little does he know, I just listed him on etsy so he might have to get up and get moving soon. Then again...