Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Got a New Puppy....sort of

Poor Floyd, he is just to goofy for his own good. He can't even seem to keep his drooly tongue in his mouth. Maybe that is because he is so happy! He really likes to play with his beat up ball and chew on his bone. I think I might have to keep him...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lazy Louie...

Meet Lazy Louie...I sure envy Louie. Wish I was out laying in the sun with nothing better to do. Little does he know, I just listed him on etsy so he might have to get up and get moving soon. Then again...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Spring!

Today has finally been a spring-like day. There are Robins all over the yard and the temp is near 60! Woo hoo! While I was walking around the yard looking for a sign of green I came across this little girl and her clutch of eggs. She was so proud that she picked one up to show me! I wished her luck and went on my way.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wow! I'm teaching my first online class!!

Meet Eureeka!

Eureeka is 11" tall and has a ball jointed head. She can look all around and even tell you "No!" if she doesn't like where you sit her to gaze out the window. The class for how to sculpt her will begin on April 4th. Go to: for all the nitty gritty. I can tell you from what I have seen, Trish has done a spectacular job setting everything up. If you are interested in joining us, Trish, Eureeka and myself, for a 4 part class on making Eureeka head on over to Trish's sight (link above) and sign up! We would be thrilled to have you.

Magellan - the naughty dragon!

Magellan is an example of when a good dragon goes bad! This poor guy faught me tooth and nail while I was trying to sculpt him. From being burnt to his head falling off...what a nightmare. Anyhow, here he is in all his naughty glory. Doesn't he have that "Who me?" look...

He is about 12" tall and long. His insides are a foil core and his wings are painted fabric. It is amazing how light weight these big guys are! I better get him a collar and leash before he runs off.

Maureen Carlson

Many times I have been asked how I got into polymer clay. I have two words for them "Maureen Carlson". I was a porcelain doll maker for a number of years and would get discouraged always pouring other people's artwork. Then I managed to get a copy of "How to Make Clay Characters" by Maureen Carlson back in the late 1990's. My love of clay was born. I have all of her books and always recommend them to anyone who asks me about working with clay. Many of the techniques that I use creating my dragons I learned from Maureen's teaching me through her books. Maureen has a wonderful new line of molds, for those of us who are human challenged when sculpting. They are called Puzzle Face Flexible Molds. What a joy they are! The molds are everything advertised and more. If you have never heard of or seen them check them out...

I have never had the pleasure of going (It is definately on my wish list!) to her Center For Creative Arts. If you live any where near Jordan, Minnesota chck it out Then you can tell me all about it and I can be green with envy!!

Christi Friesen

I thought maybe it would be a good idea to share with anyone who stops by my little corner some information about those artist who inspire me. Christi Friesen is a very imaginative clay artist who never seems to amaze with the variety of pieces she creates. From steam punk to just plain adorable, there is something for everyone. If you are new to sculpting or been at it longer than you want to admit her books and tutorials are perfect for any level. I have always been a fan of her turtles. They all have such wonderful character, colors and style. From personal experience, I can tell you Christi is a super friendly lady who takes time to answer and encourage those who seek her out. I went outside my box, some time ago now, and sent her an e-mail telling her how much I enjoyed her books. Shortly there after I had an encouraging response and invitation to join her Yahoo group. What a fun group and place to meet other clay folks! If you aren't familiar with Christi's work I encourage you to take a look at her sight You will be glad you did!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hey! That's not a dragon!

Here's something a little different. I really have fun making these little gold fish jars. This one is Fred and Bob's new home. The jar used to house salsa but no more. Now it is Fred and Bob's domain...forever... because that water is resin and there is no way they can get out...ha ha ha...evil laugh...
I just wish I had rembembered to put a lip of clay around the top of the jar. Oh well, maybe some wide black ribbon would work folded over the top to cover the screw on part. Off to play...

Finally got etsy going again!

I have finally re-stocked my etsy store. Mr. Dragon or better known as Flynn from the tutorial is up for adoption and so is Eco. I forgot how much time it takes to do all of that loading and waiting. Half the day is gone. Oh well, it is rainy and dreary so might as well be inside on the laptop!