Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Applying Wash

First off, don't panic. I know he looks freaky right now but let me explain. To begin painting I apply a wash of my base color every where except the horns. To do this you will want to water your paint down to ink like consistency. Then use a mop type brush and cover him good. It will be messy!! Plus make sure to check for puddles under the belly and legs. Smooth those out with the brush and all is well. Now that he is all covered, prop him up a bit so some air can get under him and then the most important part....WALK AWAY!! Leave him alone and let him dry...completely. This may take some time, up to an hour. See how the paint settles into the texture? That is what we want. When the first layer is dry check him over. Are there any places the paint didn't cover? Touch up anything needing a little help. If you wish to apply another coat, go for it! The reason I paint this way is because acrylic paint on its own is thick. When is dries it creates a heavy, almost plastic like, covering. We don't want that! We want this fellow to look like this is how he was sculpted. Not like a ceramic piece. Soft washes and dry brushing do the trick. What's dry brushing you ask... that's what's next.

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