Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finishing the Snout

Let's finish that snout. If you look at the sides of your nose or your dogs or cats or what ever creature you have around you will notice there is a bit of an indentation. On Mr. Dragon I add these details to both sides of the head by starting at the nostril and pulling up lightly with the needle tool to the place where I feel the eyes will later be inserted. After that is all done I use the tiny needle tool to make marks, starting at the nostril, and going across the snout to represent the plated look of a dragon. It's time to move up the head now and create the brows. Lay a paint brush in the center of the skull and gently create an indention on the forehead. How far down I take the indention varies from dragon to dragon. If I want the center line to go towards the nose I use the needle tool to make the indention from the top of the plates down. It isn't nearly as wide and is better suited for the narrowness of the snout. Take a good look at the head so far. Is it to your liking? Now is the time to tweak any part you feel needs a little work. If you are happy, I am, lets move on to giving him some eyes.

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