Saturday, February 7, 2009

I See You!

Eyes, eyes, eyes! It's time for him to see the world. Pick out two beads that you think Mr.Dragon would like to see out of. I use hematite. It has a nice shine to it and isn't jet black. It is a good idea to use appropriate gauge wire to create anchors for the beads to grip into the clay. Insert the eyes into the head. Use the end of the lines you created on the sides of the snout to help with placement. Sometimes looking from the top of the head also helps to align the eyes. Now, here is another you want lower lids or only top. I make them both ways. It all depends on the expression you are trying to capture. To make lower lids roll out tiny snakes and apply them around the eye. The lower lids start with two tiny balls of clay that are then rolled into logs. Flatten them out and form into comma shaped eye lids. When I apply the lids I normally line the point of the comma up with the line on the side of the snout.

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