Thursday, February 19, 2009

Painting the Little Griffling

Wanted to update how to finish the little griffling. Unfortunately I'm having tech problems again! This time with my wonderful, clear my throat, 17 year old son. He took the memory card out of my camera, wiped it, put it in his camera and I now have tons of skate videos and pics. As great as they are they aren't going to help anyone finish a griffin!! So, here goes the short and sweet of it with no pictures. Hey, your all creative people I know you will get how to do it. Paint him with washes just like the dragon. Dry brush two to three colors working from darkest to light. On browns I normally dry brush with a cream or white last. Apply sealer. You can use marabou feathers if you didn't make clay feathers. That is what I did with little Stormy. I will try to get a couple pictures of him posted soon. Right now I'm fighting a nasty cold/sinus infection so pictures may wait a couple days. Excuse me...can't stop sneezing!!! Enjoy your new griffling.


  1. feel better - sinus infections are horrible !

  2. Hey Sally,

    Hope you are feeling better by now. Your right Loki is absolutely beautiful in the sun. By the way Happy Birthday and what a great gift from you to you.....KIII