Sunday, February 8, 2009

I hear you!

The small cutter pictured is made by Makins Clay. It is about an inch long. Roll a piece of clay on the thickest setting of the pasta maker and cut out two ear shapes. Ears can be shaped in many different ways. I pictured two of the common shapes I use. You can make your fellows ears much smaller or bigger it is all up to you. To add the details, roll thin logs of clay and apply to the top of the ear. Blend the top seam so it appears to be one pieces of clay. The lower edge can be left smooth or scalloped with a needle tool. Flatten the edge of the ear that will be attaching to the back of the head. Apply a small amount of TLS where you plan on attaching the ears. Layer the flattened edges of the ears to the back of the head and blend in smooth. I use the butt of a brush or larger needle tool and roll it back and forth over the area.

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