Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dry Brushing the Caribbean Blue

If you have never dry brushed, here is the skinny (my way) on how to do it. Take one of your stencil brushes and dip it into the paint. Just the ends of the bristles, not the whole thing. Now scrub most of the paint out onto your scrubby cloth or a paper towel will do. There should be very little paint left in the brush but enough that when you drag it over the dragon it leaves a light covering of the paint. Start with the under belly and brush across each plate. Don't get into the cracks if you can help it. We want the darker paint to show in the crevices. This adds dimensions to the piece. After his under side is all done lightly brush over the feet and move up the legs as you see fit. In the third picture you should be able to see the difference in one foot (top one) being dry brushed and the other is not. Apply dry brushing to his body as you want. i tend to only brush the tops of the back spines. Gives them a neat shaded look when all is said and done. The face is an interesting place to play. I tend to highlight the ears, brows, cheeks, top of snout and end of nose. Play about and decide what you like. I guarantee you one of mine are 100% the same.

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