Sunday, February 8, 2009

Toes, toes, toes

Take the x-acto and make three slices on each foot to begin the toes. Gently shape around each toe with your fingers making it round and toe like. When I have the toes to the length and shape I think looks pleasing I take the larger needle tool and mash it into where the toe meet the foot. This little mark just gives the toe a finished look. The tools pictured are used to do the detail work on the toes. Start with the butt of a brush and make a "knuckle" on each toe. Then use the small needle tool to mark some wrinkle lines on the toes. Last is the nails. The red tool is a coffee stir straw that a "U" shape has been cut out of the end. Gently mark the nail beds with the straw on each toe. After marking is done pick foot up and pinch the nails into points. Take a look at the photo of the finished feet. Do you see how there is a "flap" of dragon flesh sticking off the inside bottom of the thigh? That is an important part! Looks weird, I know, but that is how we are going to attach the legs to the body. Trust me, you want to make sure and do this step. Here we go, more pinching and pulling. On the bottom of the thigh pinch the clay flat to make a tab on each leg. Now your hind legs are all done. Set them aside for now.

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