Monday, February 16, 2009

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Ears are cut with a cutter by Makin's clay. I use this cutter quite a bit. It is suppose to be a leaf but I use the smooth side for ears. If you don't have one, free hand a couple teardrop shaped pieces in a size you like. The clay used was rolled out on a 1 setting on the pasta machine. (the thickest setting) Gently roll the outer edges in towards the center of the ear. Mark 2 or 3 crease lines from the inner ear towards the outer ear. Flatten the inner edge and attach to the back of his head. It looks nice if you have a line...nostril, eye, ear. The ears can be put in many positions to change his expression. This little guy is going with the up ears. As soon as I turned them up I thought he looked wind Stormy!

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